„Grüne Bilk“ is the (political) Green Party in the municipality „Stadtbezirk 3“ in the City of Düsseldorf with the districts Bilk, Flehe, Friedrichstadt, Hafen, Hamm, Oberbilk, Unterbilk and Volmerswerth.

Having more than 120.000 inhabitants our Stadtbezirk ist the biggest of ten in Düsseldorf.
Our municipality is multifaceted : Agriculture in the district Hamm close to the river Rhein and densely populated the district Friedrichstadt, one of the most populated districts in Germany.

With our political commitment, we want to improve the life in the neighborhoods. Therefore, we influence the municipal district parliament (the so-called „Bezirksvertretung“) and are the „place to go“ for the citizens of our neighborhoods.

We invite every interested citizen to our meetings. You do not always have to become a member of the Greens, to „get a taste of it“.

Welcome to the Green Party Düsseldorf. Please do not hesitate to contact our board in English for any questions.